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Welcome to Little House in Utrecht! This is a blog about interior decor and everything that makes a house a home. Good food, friends, music, laughter and the occasional crazy moments.


I am the founder and author of this blog. I study International Communication & Media and I live in Utrecht with my Dutch boyfriend and two ragdoll cats Bonzo and Audrey. My hobbies are photography, food, Netflix and of course Little House in Utrecht. I love home décor and writing and this blog combines the two with my other hobbies! Perfect arrangement if you ask me.

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My name is Andishe and I am the co-author of Little House in Utrecht. Senja and I met 2015 while studying the same subject in Utrecht. We became friends and discovered not only that we  have similar interests and hobbies but also that we are basically neighbours. When Senja told me that she started this blog, I was still trying to figure out life in the Netherlands, discovering the city and finding myself right in between all of it. But after one year of living in the Netherlands, Senja and I decided to continue Little House in Utrecht together.

Little House in Utrecht

A home décor & lifestyle blog that started out as an idea when I, Senja, was sharing a bit too many pictures of our renovation and decorating process on social media. Home décor has always been close to my heart but when I moved in with my boyfriend and we started turning our small ground floor apartment into our dream home, home décor became an obsession. It was obvious that I needed an outlet for all the inspiration and ideas I had, and I also wanted to document the process of our house becoming a home. Andishe joined the blog later, having a passion for photography, decorations, cinematography and much more, only having a little room in Utrecht, she was excited to be a helping hand in the development of Little House in Utrecht.

Little House in Utrecht isn’t just about home décor though. We also like to visit the numerous shops and cafes and restaurants Utrecht has to offer and sometimes we will also share some tips and tricks on the blog for everyone who is interested in decorating, lifestyle and more.

As mentioned,  we consider food to be one of the best things ever! Not just because eating is great, but also because we like cooking and baking. Little House in Utrecht isn’t a food blog but every now and then we will share a recipe or two from Senja’s secret notebook.

Finally, we will also share tips and experiences on entertainment at home. We love throwing parties and dinner parties for friends and family so be prepared for advice on how to host great parties in a small space!

We try to post as regularly as we can, and in the meanwhile we will be active on Instagram and Facebook.  You can also check out Senja’s Pinterest boards for inspiration.

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All the pictures here are our own, unless otherwise specified. If  you wish to use any pictures, you are welcome to do so as long as it is for non-commercial purposes and you give us due credit and link back to this blog.